Matilde Travassos Matilde Travassos


Matilde Travassos, born in 1986 is a photographer based in Lisbon.

Graduated in photography at Speos Paris – école de photography in 2009. 
Worked as an assistant with Vitor de Mello, 2009-2010.
Working in London at Spring Studios she develop her interested in editorial photography, 2010-2012.
Attended to ‘Project’ with Bruno Pelletier Sequeira at Atelier de Lisboa in 2018 -2019.
Artist Residency program with António Júlio duarte in São Miguel, Açores in 2018.
Working in architecture and interior photography for Fantastic Frank and several Architects.
Editorial and Portraiture for publications such as Observador lifestyle, Brotéria, Perfect Strangers, Parq Magazine, Time out and Umbigo Magazine.

Group exhibition 'O Olhar Divergente' Pico do Refúgio a Prostective Heritage in Arquipélago, Junho 2019.

Solo exhibition at Raum 54 in Basel, April 2019 with A FORSCHUNG.

Currently she is based in Lisbon.