Matilde Travassos Matilde Travassos


Matilde Travassos born in Lisbon had her masters in photography at Speos Paris, lived in London and worked at Spring Studios where she assisted some of the best photographers in London. 

As a photographer, she is interested in the ways that photography can reveal the underlying archetypes that shape our understanding of the world, and uses her camera as a tool to coax these truths out of her subjects. She sees a similarity between photography and psychology, as both involve using techniques to uncover hidden thoughts and emotions.
Matilde explores themes of the origins of life and the search for the divine in her photography. She uses the tarot as a tool to guide her work and to connect with the souls of her subjects. As she continues to create, she seeks to find a meaning and purpose for her work that goes beyond the mere capturing of images, and to define herself as an artist who can use photography to reveal the deeper truths of the human experience.

Group Exhibition Space and Time, Lisboa, 2023
Solo Exhibition Alma de Serpente, Braga, 2023
Solo Exhibition Un Esprit Méthodique, Lisboa , March 2023
Group Exhibition POR:TA Association, Lisboa February 2023
Group Exihbition SEPIOZ, Lisboa 2022
Group Exhibition PORTUGAL POP. A moda em Português. 1970-2020, MUDE Porto, Março 2022
Group Exhibition O Olhar Divergente Pico do Refúgio a Prostective Heritage in Arquipélago, Junho 2019.
Solo Exhibition Still Tales at Raum 54 in Basel, April 2019 with A FORSCHUNG.
Group exhibition A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival, Boxer, Pompidou, Paris 2011